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Zucchini Noodles.

If your trying to kick the gluten habit and stay away from white flour noodles, then this is a really great way to start.  I bought a Spiralizer on line.  http://spiralizer.com.au/the-best-spiralizer-reviews-australia/ – I use mine all the time to make noodles now.  From the humble Zucchini.  Honestly you would not know that your aren’t eating white pasta.  You simply make your pasta sauce they way you regularly do.  I make all my home made pasta sauce now, cant see myself ever buying any from the shop. Then at the last minute you put the spiralized zucchini into the sauce and leave it there for a couple of minutes, or until you feel its cooked enough for you.  If you leave it too long- it will go mushy as zucchini holds a heap of water.  If you want to make it more meaty then of course cook your chicken or grass fed minced beef as you normally would.  I top mine off with nutritional yeast as well – to give it the cheesy kick.  You can also use normal cheese.  Equally as yummy.  Lately I’ve also been sprinkling my food with collagen, to give my bones and ligaments some extra help.  I notice and so does the rest of my family, that when we eat the spiralized pasta instead of the white flour pasta, we don’t feel so “full” and we actually feel very satisfied and light. Its a good alternative.  Why don’t you give it a try??Slow cooked lamb Shanks :

It was freezing when I came home today. I am sure this winter here in Perth has been the coldest that it has been in a long time. I can smell my slow cooked Lamb Shanks cooking in my slow cooker

I put it on this morning before I left and it will be ready to enjoy by 6 tonight.


  • 4 Lamb Shanks
  • 2 Brown Onions
  • 3 Sticks of Celery
  • 3 Carrots
  • A handful of garlic cloves crushed
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Homemade or shop bought tomato sauce (for pasta) 500gm is enough
  • Some bone broth from my freezer – about a cup full
  • Red wine if you wish – I just splash some in but its probably about half a cup.
  • Some parsley to garnish – but I put this in at the end. Just before serving.

Place the lamb shanks into the slow cooker first. Then slice up the vegetables, pop them on top of the shanks. Sprinkle generous with salt and pepper ( I like to use a fair bit as I love a lot of taste in my cooking). Throw in the garlic and then add the liquid

You can add some chopped tomatoes towards the end of the cooking time and some zucchini.

My slow cooker has an automatic setting and I generally use this setting. I leave it on for about 6 hours and then if it needs thickening I use Arrowroot powder. I scoop out some of the liquid and put it into a saucepan on the stove and mix the arrowroot powder through till it thickens then I quickly place it back into the slow cooker and mix it around and then its ready to serve.

I add some steamed bok choy or greens of my choice that are in season and are fresh, with added butter on the greens, and then we eat away. Yummy!

4 comments on “Home

  1. This is definitely a recipe I’ll try. It sounds good right now: It’s midsummer where I live, but this week we got a blanket of polar air, and the temps have dropped to springtime levels. And I love cooking with “a handful of garlic”!

  2. Sounds wonderful – i was in the US last year we scouted around the east coast Pensylvannia Niagra Canada and then flew to San Fran and drove down to LA – great holiday

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